Active & Passive Fire Protection

Active and Passive Fire Protection - Fire Suppression/ Protection

Through Micropack’s vast experience of Fire and Gas Detection and safety systems, coupled with our broad skillset in fire risk engineering and structural fire protection, the natural progression of our consultancy team has been to specialise in fire protection for the oil and gas industry. With our system designs we offer operators the peace of mind that in the event of an incident, they will be adequately covered by appropriate and reliable mitigation measures in order to prevent unacceptable consequences. This can result in irreparable damage which will in turn affect the asset, reputation and most importantly the platform personnel.

Along with the experience of our consultants, Micropack will apply the appropriate software packages to the application during assessment of both active and passive fire protection systems. These are used to ensure compliance with the relevant standard, for example, ISO 13702:1999, any site specific practices to be applied (DEP/ ETPs) and any platform/ site specific philosophies. These packages are also used to set out the requirements and guidelines for the control and mitigation of fires and explosions on offshore production installations.

Active Fire Protection

Micropack specialise in the design of active fire protection facilities and associated emergency response procedures including;

  • Fixed Firewater Systems (foam, firewater deluge systems etc.)
  • Speciality Extinguishing Systems (e.g. gaseous extinguishing systems)
  • Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

With regards to Active Fire Protection, Micropack utilise pipe design software packages in defining the complex calculations relating to active fire protection, specifically relating to deluge (both gas and liquid forms of suppression). This software allows the generation of fire water demand values, deluge diagrams/ pipe routings and hydraulic calculations.

Passive Fire Protection

As with Active systems, Micropack also specialise in the design of passive fire protection facilities and associated emergency response procedures including;

  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Firewalls, Doors and Penetrations
  • Protection of Process Plant
  • Protection of Safety Systems
  • Protection of Accommodation and Muster Points

Regarding Passive Fire Protection, Micropack will assess site specific zones and subsequent protection targets the client desires. These targets are drawn together from Micropack experience, client knowledge of the site, and information obtained from site FHA/ explosion analysis in order to highlight any areas of concern or any particular pieces of process equipment with a particularly high escalation potential in the event of a fire.

For both active and passive fire protection design, Micropack believe it is vital that during the definition phase of fire protection requirements that the input from client is appropriate to the level of design. Micropack will advise on the best practice related to the hazards present, with the client being invited to comment on these targets before active and passive systems are designed.