FS301 Flame Simulator

The MICROPACK FS301 Flame Simulator is designed to test the correct operation of Visual Flame detectors.

The FS301 Flame Simulator produces a unique flame pattern that is recognised by the visual flame detector and produces an alarm output.

Based on a unique flame simulation technology developed by Micropack the FS301 generates an accurate flame simulation capable of the tripping the Visual Flame detector into alarm.

Long Range Operation

The flame simulator has been designed specifically for the Visual Flame detectors and is capable of operating at a range of up to 8 metres.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The detector is immune to common sources of unwanted alarms such as hot work (e.g. grinding and welding), Hot CO2 emissions (such as turbine exhausts) and Flare Radiation.

Test 100 Detectors

The simulator has been designed for hand held use by a single operator and is a completely self-contained unit. A single charge is sufficient to test in excess of one hundred detectors.

Dual Compatibility

The flame simulator has been designed to function test the full MICROPACK FDS product range of Visual Flame Detectors; The FDS301 and The FDS300.

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